Sustainability at Work

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Parkway Properties is striving to become one of the industry leaders in the development and operation of high performance green buildings. Our mission is to make a positive and profitable contribution toward a sustainable future by integrating green building practices into all aspects of our business.


At Parkway Properties, we view high performance buildings as more than just beneficial for the environment but also something that has a direct and positive impact on our investment returns and competitiveness in the marketplace. Ultimately, we can achieve this by:

  • Reducing operating expenses
  • Enhancing marketability
  • Improving occupant health and productivity
  • Minimizing environmental footprint
  • Creating enterprise value through triple-bottom-line performance (people, profit, planet)


Creating value through sustainability: Parkway applies sustainability to all aspects of business including development, investments, leasing, and operations.

Investing in health and productivity: We create healthy and productive environments for building occupants.

Demonstrate efficient operations and effective management: We seek real results in energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and greenhouse gas reductions.

Build equitable future for customers and investors: We focus on making a profitable contribution through implementing smart sustainability strategies.


Parkway has a full time dedicated sustainability team with decades of experience with corporate sustainability and LEED certification initiatives. Our sustainability team is focused on benchmarking most of PKY's eligible buildings with Energy Star Portfolio Manager and LEED certification, as well as implementing a robust corporate sustainability program across the entire portfolio.

Partnerships: Parkway works with industry leaders and organizations on green program initiatives like the ULI Greenprint Foundation, the US Green Building Council, DOE's Energy Star Portfolio Manager Program and many local organizations like BOMA and USGBC local Chapters. Parkway is pursuing a LEED EBOM Volume Program for 25-30 Buildings in 2014.

Sustainability Reporting: As part of our robust Corporate Sustainability programs, we have implemented sustainability policies portfolio wide, post annual Sustainability Reports according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, and participate on the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey.

Sustainability Programs: Parkway has implemented a centralized platform for managing all our sustainability programs. Our sustainability programs include our corporate sustainability website and property specific websites with resources for vendors, tenants, and property managers.  We have also implemented corporate employee and customer outreach stakeholder engagement, including newsletters, educational webinars, sustainability policies and procedures, a tenant improvement guide and a tenant engagement programs.

Parkway Sustainability Report 2015
Parkway Sustainability Report 2014
Parkway Sustainability Report 2013


Transportation: Continue to educate our building occupants on our alternative transportation program to reduce vehicle miles traveled to and from our buildings. Encourage at least 20% of all building occupants to commute via alternative modes of transportation by 2020.

Land Use Management: Increase native and drought-resistant vegetation by 20% by 2020.

Water: Work toward having a minimum indoor plumbing efficiency rate of 30% or higher by 2020 according to the LEED water efficiency calculator and a 30% reduction in overall water consumption from 2014 by 2020.

Energy: Work toward a goal of having all facilities score 90 or higher on Energy Star and decrease energy consumption by 20% across our portfolio from 2010 by 2030.

Waste: Our waste reduction goals are to reduce sources of waste, increase waste diversion rates to 75% by 2020.

Green Cleaning: Work toward a goal of having 90% use of green cleaning products by 2020.

GHG Emissions: Work toward a goal of decreasing our carbon emissions by 20% across our portfolio from 2014 by 2030.